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A free tool to make the process of getting a tech job suck less!

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What Is Job Hound?

Job Hound is a Job Tracking System, a web application that keeps track of every job you are applying for, manages your progress, keeps track of notes, cover letters, etc.

Keep track of your Job Search from one screen

Keep Track of Everything

Job Hound lets you keep track of all aspects of a job search:

  • Cover Letters - Easily write cover letters here alongside the job description; paste right into email
  • Notes - Keep all your notes together across all your interviews so you always know what you said to whom
  • Dates & Times - See all the dates associated with your job search in one place like "Take codility test by Wednesday"

See all parts of a job application all together - cover letter, notes, etc

Never miss a due date again

News Feed

Getting a tech job can be a long, multi-step process. Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Job Hound's News Feed shows you the good and the bad as it happens.

Your overall job search is summarized in the News Feed

Powerful Reports

At its heart, Job Hound is a database of your job applications and what good is a database without reports? Job Hound lets you:

  • See all the cover letters that actually got you an interview
  • Track your overall job hunt metrics - how many jobs you applied for, what percent got to interviews, what percent got to second interviews and so on
  • Figure out what sources of jobs work for you. Maybe you think you're successful with jobs from Stack Overflow, but wouldn't you rather know what really works?

See what job sources work for you

Know how your job hunt is actually going at any time

I'm Scott and I Built This

Job Hound is now 4 years old with over a thousand users and 5,000 + jobs to its credit. Back in 2018, I went through an extensive, complex job search to get a decent tech job. Getting a tech job today is much harder than it used to be -- there are more hoops to jump through, it takes a lot longer and companies are insistent on getting the perfect person for the job.

The changed nature of job searches means that managing the process of applying for jobs is harder than ever before. Job Hound is designed to manage the specific nature of tech job searches. You can easily add jobs to Job Hound, track the status of each step of the application process, write your cover letter, store your notes, run reports, search across everything and more.

As a software developer, when I realized how hard managing the job search process was, I started writing the core of Job Hound for my own use. Now it is a fully developed product for anyone to use -- and it's free!

Use Job Hound to take control of your job search.

Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see how Job Hound works.